Factors to consider when choosing your electric bike

There is nothing like cycling to avoid traffic jams or crowds on public transport. If it’s electric, it’s even more practical! Here are some factors you need to consider before buying from an electric bike manufacturer.

1. Motor

The motor must be powerful and well placed. Avoid choosing these bikes where the motor is in the front or rear hub (center of the wheel), it will throw you off balance. Common good motor brands are Bosh, Yamaha and Promovec. The motor’s electrical power is measured in watts (EU limited up to 250 watts), but the most important thing is the actual mechanical power of the engine, i.e. torque, which is decisive and measured in the unit of Nm.

The entry-level electric bike offers 35 Nm of torque. The ideal power is 50 Nm for efficient and comfortable daily use.

2. Control Panel

You should also note the simplicity of the control panel that controls the bike, usually, it’s made of LED and LCD. It has to be readable and usable. As an extra point, some motors offer a walking function, which provides walking assistance as you push the bike on foot. All the data will be shown on the panel.

3. Battery

A battery of e-bikes weighs between 3 and 5 kg, so pay attention to its location. Avoid putting the battery on the rack, which can unbalance the bike. You can choose a removable battery or hidden in the frame tube, the latter being harder to steal.

Batteries are measured in watts, with powerful models ranging from 400 to 500 watts. The best are designed for 500 to 800 charge cycles. If you don’t plan to run more than 5 kilometers a day, a 300W battery will suffice.

It’s important not to forget to pedal to maintain your battery. An electric bike can help you, but it’s still a bike! A good battery can help you travel more than 100 kilometers. Do not put it in direct sunlight in summer and in a cold place in winter.

4. Frame

There are 2 types of frames: men’s step-over with a straight top tube and women’s step-through with a sloping top tube and a single tube (Dutch style). Choosing the correct frames will be easier to ride over and provide a very good balance. The size of the frame mainly depends on your height and riding habits.

5. HandBar

For the handlebars, I prefer a straight, comfortable position that avoids leaning forward. You will have better visibility. If possible, use an adjustable stem, which will allow you to adjust the position of the handlebars to fit your back.

6. Brakes

The bike is heavy and you need strong and easy-to-adjust brakes, preferably hydraulic discs, great for smooth braking.