folding electric bikes

Advantages and disadvantages of folding electric bikes

In recent years, folding e-bikes have become a must-have. On the streets of big cities and the less rugged roads of the suburbs, this type of bike appeals to cyclists of all ages.

It certainly has significant advantages, but like all conventional and e-bikes, folding bikes have disadvantages.

Weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to buy. Find out the pros and cons of folding bikes in this article.

Advantages of Folding Electric Bikes

A lot of cyclists these days are obsessed with folding bikes. Given its multiple models for a variety of uses, this mode of transport has other advantages that should not be overlooked:


The first advantage of a folding bike is undoubtedly its portability. Indeed, if there is a bike that can go with its owner wherever it goes, slipping into a train, plane, or vehicle without hassle, it’s a folding bike. If you are a hobby traveler, the folding bike will definitely be for you, as its foldable configuration allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

Modern and stylish design

Cyclists are drawn to folding bikes not only because they see them as brand new, but because it also offers a modern and minimalist design. This novelty will undoubtedly appeal to young people and adults looking for innovative prototypes.

A better way to commute

Nothing can replace this punctual mode of transportation. The ideal is to invest in an electric model with a battery, motor and assistance that will allow you to travel for miles without consuming too much energy. This type of bike is very easy to drive and would be a very lucrative option for traversing the traffic jams that often occur in big cities.

Once at your destination, the folding bike prevents you from finding a parking lot or secure parking space. Its folded appearance makes it not bulky so as not to take up too much space. Furthermore, this configuration effectively protects it from the risk of theft or damage.

The ideal bike for vacationers

Aside from being useful around town, folding e-bikes are the best means of transportation for vacationers. RV owners are the first to appreciate it because once folded it takes up very little space inside the car. The bike will then be able to follow the holidaymaker anywhere: to a holiday camp in the mountains, by the sea, or in the countryside.

Major players in tourism development

The purpose of tourists is to discover multiple landscapes and visit spectacular sights. For this, they usually use different means of transportation. Today, electric folding bikes are likely to be part of a tourist visit. It adds a little spice to the adventure while allowing you to go further. What’s more, riding a folding bike is less tiring than exploring places on foot.

Solutions for long journeys

According to the regulars of folding bikes, the latter is the best solution for long trips. In fact, if you’re used to moving from one type of public transport to another, it’s best to shorten your time in those vehicles and ride your bike to your destination. For example, you take the bus for the first time, then you will use the folding electric bike to complete the remaining kilometers.

Eco bikes that protect the environment

Riding an electric bike, folded or not, is always a great gesture to show your commitment to protecting the environment. Its durable and non-polluting battery poses no danger to the planet. Also, unlike cars, bicycles do not emit deafening noises and atmospheric-polluting gases. Therefore, it is ecological and economical, while creating a healthy and attractive place.

Disadvantages of Folding Electric Bikes

Folding e-bikes, like other e-bikes, have their limitations.

Wheel size is less stable

First, even though it is efficient, practical, and modern, folding bikes have been criticized for their poor stability and reduced comfort due to the size of their wheels. If you look closely, you will see that almost all folding electric bikes have very small wheels. This leads to its major shortcomings in stability and comfort, especially on rough roads. To avoid this sensitivity of the wheels and to enjoy maximum comfort, it is recommended to choose a folding bike with large 26- or 28-inch wheels.

Sensitive and fragile components

The structure of the folding electric bicycle is unique to it. In addition to the small wheels, it is equipped with a special frame that is sometimes very sensitive to supporting heavy loads. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s best to turn to a sturdy steel frame that can withstand heavy loads.

In addition to the frame, the chain on this bike also has some sensitivity. In fact, it generally tends to lean towards the chainrings due to the reduced distance between the rear wheel and the crankset.

Hard to control

A folding e-bike can be smooth on city roads, but once on rough roads, it’s less controllable. Cyclists can have a hard time finding balance. He has to improve his concentration to avoid falls and accidents.

Folding weight

The weight of a folding e-bike tends to put a lot of people off. It can weigh up to 20kg folded (plus the weight of the battery, motor, and frame). Imagine yourself in a subway aisle or station with 20kg of luggage!

Inconvenient maintenance

It is difficult to find suitable and cheap spare parts for folding electric bikes. Parts are really specific for a folding bike and sometimes it’s hard to find them in the market. The parts are also expensive, and not all budgets can afford them.

Final Words

Despite some weaknesses, the folding e-bike successfully fulfills the task entrusted to it. It is both a city bike and a bike for country riding, practical and flexible. Last but not least, a folding bike is a great alternative to a car. It keeps pollution away while allowing you to save fuel.